We are

A team of skilled, dedicated, enthusiastic and supportive mountain bike coaches dedicated to serving passionate athletes and helping them achieve their goals. No matter the goal, MRACE will help you achieve it.

MRACE Coaching Systems. 

We forge mountain bikers.

MRACE provide coaching for kids from the age of 4 years of age. We do so by the help of our Hero Legacy group. It does not matter if you are a Rider from a township or estate. The riders focus on balance and technique. 

Each toddler is unique and grow towards his discipline. This might be downhill, cross country, marathon or even BMX. It all falls under skills development and improvement. 

From the ages of 6-10 years, riders move from the Hero legacy group towards the adventurers. Coaching on various skill sets and life lessons of gear selection, technical skills, how to communicate to other riders, following cycling rules and basic bike mechanics. 

As riders grow they will move onto the intermediate group. Will a well rounded skills level it is time to up their skills by adding new obstacles that will challenge the skill level of the riders. 

Fitness also plays a big roll as riders have more endurance riders for cardiovascular growth. Riders will reach an age of 14 – 15 years. At this stage Mrace offer them a choice: focus more on downhill/enduro (gravity rider) or cross country/marathon. 

Riders will then move up towards the advanced group. In this group riders must attend two out of the three coaching sessions per week. The advanced group have specific downhill coaches and cross country coaches. They follow a program with and goal in mind. Working towards the goal brings so many more life lessons into play. Nutrition, tapering for a race, when to create the training overload, mental preparation and many more key factors riders learn about themselves.