Our Story

Us here at MRace dedicate ourselves to serving passionate athletes and helping them achieve their goals. No matter the goal, Mrace will help you achieve it.

The year was 2013 

Petrus Malherbe had just made the difficult decision to end his pro cycling career due to injuries. One afternoon the Malherbe brothers were sitting on the patio of their beach house in Betty’s Baai with their father Johan. Both Petrus and Willem found themselves in a period of uncertainty in their lives, both trying to figure out the next step. It was in these moments that the idea of Mrace was born. Three Malherbe men with a vision and a goal to bring value to the South African cycling industry like no one else had done before – Malherbe Racing.

The three partners eagerly worked together towards making this idea a reality. Johan was the financial support in this start-up business; Willem was blessed with the technical and mechanical knowledge and skills, so he took on the role as the bike mechanic. Petrus was the well known cycling name, with the knowledge that he had acquired through his many years of cycling, both on the national and international circuit, this would go on to be a key piece in the MRace puzzle. A short while after taking a deeper dive into how Mrace would position itself in the market, the ins and outs and establishing its true purpose, Mrace was officially born.

In July 2013, the Van Der Sluys building in Riverside Park, Paarl was home to MRace. Petrus and Willem had in the meantime started to focus on the three vital offerings of their business: one: ergo fitments, two: training kids from surrounding Paarl schools and three: bike mechanical maintenance.

After years of MRace fulfilling the three vital offerings; hundreds of bike fitments later, many happy children with a passion for bikes, and a good few bikes serviced, Mrace was forced to close its doors in Riverside Park. Willem decided to part ways with Petrus to pursue a different career path. Petrus on the other hand still had the dream of MRace at heart, his passion was still going strong regardless of the trials and tribulations he had faced thus far.

As a result of Petrus’ perseverance, resilience, drive and passion he found a way to keep Mrace alive. 2017 saw Petrus take on sole ownership of Mrace – a responsibility that was both daunting and exhilarating all at once. It was an exciting year for both Mrace and Petrus. Mrace expanded and excelled to new heights in those three years, through word of mouth and strategic decisions MRace began offering a host of services elevating the brands status to one of the most well known coaching, bike fitting and general training set-ups in the Western Cape.

While developing a range of Mrace offerings such as spinning classes, massages, bike fitments, core training and stability classes, the company was rapidly becoming well known for bringing up and coaching some of the top up-and-coming young cyclists in the Western Cape. After roughly 3 excellent years based in the main road of Paarl, Petrus decided to move Mrace to a new home in Wellington.

Wellington proved to be a good home for Mrace so far, it has enabled the company to continue with the same formula that had brought it so much success in the past as well as give it the opportunity to expand it’s offering to swimming training and high level athlete training online using TrainingPeaks.

After the move to Wellington, the world was shaken up by COVID. The world went online, and so did MRace. The decision to move online meant that the use of TrainingPeaks became absolutely vital, and word of mouth was no longer good enough, it was now time to rely on social media. Thankfully the adoption of an online approach was well accepted by our clients and Mrace has been able to endure COVID successfully. Not only has the company been able to adapt, but it has also gone from strength to strength with all of the new adaptations made. As we have entered into 2021 the future looks even more prosperous than before.

2021 is shaping up to be a year that MRace hopes to reach new levels of success as it continues to focus on those three vital offerings, as well as the adaptations that have occurred over the years. It is with great pride that MRace is able to announce its partnership with Specialized Paarl and the launch of the Mrace Foundation Class/Hero Legacy Project.

As Mrace navigates the future it’s passion, purpose and dream remains the same. Us here at MRace dedicate ourselves to serving passionate athletes and helping them achieve their goals. No matter the goal, Mrace will help you achieve it. A big part of that involves nurturing, coaching, developing and inspiring the young generation of cyclists. Together, anything is possible.