From 14 years old

The Mrace Advanced Class welcomes, guides and develops a wide variety of athletes. At this stage of the athletes cycling journey they are either in the process of deciding which discipline they would like to focus on or they have decided already. 

Grow together while enjoying the thrill of mountain biking

Our coaches offer both support and guidance to athletes who find themselves in this decision process. The main four disciplines that an athlete could be focusing on include marathon, cross-country, downhill and or enduro. As we welcome and support any rider focused on any discipline, it is important to know that we also welcome and support riders from any school. We strive to create a team of young riders who are willing to grow together while enjoying the thrill of mountain biking.

At this level of riding in the athletes cycling journey fitness does become a vital part of their riding. Fitness becomes highly important in the athletes training for a variety of reasons. Amongst many other reasons, this includes preventing falls due to lack of fitness and developing both their strength and riding abilities to achieve their racing goals and aspirations. With this being said, we encourage Advanced Class riders to make use of technological equipment such as heart rate monitors and cadence sensors. These training tools will be useful in helping both Mrace coaches and the athlete manage and maintain their training, fitness and racing. This training and data for each athlete will be planned and communicated through our exclusive, tailor-made online training platform found on TrainingPeaks.

Although this is the phase where we focus on fitness, we ensure that we do not remove the fun associated with bike riding. We still make sure that each athlete enjoys the joy of riding their bike. We achieve this through continuing to focus developing each riders technical riding skills, which often includes riding new trails, learning new jumps, tackling thrilling rock gardens and many more fun filled activities.

What do I need 

  • Mountain Bike in working order  
  • Closed shoes or cleats 
  • Cycling kit and helmet
  • Carbohydrate drink or energy bars
  • Bottle cage on bike
  • Red rear light
  • Cloves 
  • Multi tool
  • Co2 Inflator or pump
  • Plugs
  • Master link (chain braker) 
  • Bicycle computer