From 4 – 11 years old

This is where it all begins. The Foundation Class, which is jointly run with the Hero Legacy Project, holds a special place in the heart of Mrace.Us here at MRace dedicate ourselves to serving passionate athletes and helping them achieve their goals. No matter the goal, Mrace will help you achieve it.

Social, guided, safe and encouraging

As the name suggests this is where our main focus is building and developing the foundational abilities and perspectives of young riders. This is the space where we get to see the raw, pure joy that a bicycle can bring to a young child. Fun is of the utmost importance for us in the Foundation Class. Alongside this, we also strive to nurturing an socially friendly environment for children where they can meet their best friends. We believe that social development is a crucially important objective for our Foundation Class.

There comes a time where every young rider reaches the stage where riding around the house is not enough anymore. They need something a little more engaging, social, guided, safe and encouraging. In the Foundation Class behavioural development is more of a priority than skill development. We prioritise riding behaviour because as young riders grow their riding behaviour will shape their outlook on their cycling journey as well as life in time to come. The Foundation Class includes a wide range of young boy and girl riders between the age of 4 – 11 years old. In order to protect our young riders from being possibly discouraged or scared, we divide the riders into two groups. Therefore, our Foundation Class is divided into a 4 – 6 year old group and a 7 – 11 year old group. This ensures that there is not too big of a gap between young riders so that each rider can enjoy the most fun while riding their bike. 

What do I need 

  • Working bicycle
  • No helmet no ride